Outage Alert 7.30.2019 - Because of technical issues we are extending our deadline to 2PM CST today only. Thank you for your patience.

Holiday Funding Alert*

Please be prepared for the following holiday funding schedule: Invoices submitted after 12pm CST Friday 8/30/19 through Monday noon 9/2/19 will be funded Tuesday, 9/3/19.

Invoices that are submitted on Tuesday 9/3/19 through Wednesday, 9/4/19 will be processed Wednesday 9/4/19. Please plan accordingly.

Go to www.fleetonefactoring.com to submit invoices through Fleet Docs, credit checks and real-time reporting 24/7.

Operating hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm CST.

For Customer Support: Factoring@wexinc.com or call 877-275-8801.

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